LUX ART Jewelry

"Lux Art Jewelry" came about with my family introducing me to Etsy. I worked as a jeweler for so many years in Downtown, Los Angeles and loved what I did just because it was never like clock work, everyday was different. I always would sketch out a designs on napkins at the coffee shop and tried to bring my images to life by showing my family and friends my designs. “Very unique!” “Beautiful work!” is what I always heard.. One day my son suggested that I try selling my designed rings on ETSY and show the world what I am capable of making.

The idea seemed very appealing to me because I would be able to continue my hobby in creating beautiful art by bringing my visions to life. My point of view towards jewelry is much different, i see it as a piece of art which has taken years to master, 30 years to be exact!

"I" Thank all the visitors that stop by my shop and show interest in my art.

Best regards,

Lux Art Jewelry

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